Ranks upgrade your experience in the world of Uncharted, giving access to exclusive benefits and perks!

Upgrade anytime!
When you buy a rank, your purchase will contribute to the price of future upgrades! If you buy Captain today, the price of Admiral in the future, would be discounted by that amount!

Perks that never expire!!
Your membership lasts for as long as you play on the server, so your perks will never expire!

All ranks include...
• A special name color to make you stand out in chat
• Ability to /lock containers on your island
• Access to exclusive island templates
• A passive XP bonus when completing quests
• Discounts when buying back items from the Ghost Captain
• Useful commands like /sell and /ptime.
• ... and much more!

Click any rank below for benefit details and thanks for your support!

Welcome to the Uncharted Store!

Please allow up to 10 mintutes to receive your purchase in-game.

Ranks may require you to reconnect to apply completely, while Pearls can be spent as soon as you receive the notification for them.


If you need help, please contact us @ http://playuncharted.com.

Uncharted is operated by Melon Development, Inc, and is not associated with Mojang, AB.

Bucket of Pearls (1,200 Pearls)
Wagon of Pearls (6,500 Pearls)
Barrel of Pearls (2,500 Pearls)
Bucket of Pearls (1,200 Pearls)
Barrel of Pearls (2,500 Pearls) (x2)
Bag of Pearls (500 Pearls)
Wagon of Pearls (6,500 Pearls)
Bag of Pearls (500 Pearls)
Barrel of Pearls (2,500 Pearls)